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94. Remaining Profit-Centric in the Digital Age with Mohit Tater

94. Remaining Profit-Centric in the Digital Age with Mohit Tater

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Key takeaways

1) Black Book is unique because they offer websites and online businesses as an investment. They focus more on cash flow and stable ROI than doubling or tripling money.

2) The value of bootstrapped businesses in contrast to often glorified startups, is their ability to generate significant profits and be sold at similar price points with substantially less investment.

In this episode of WealthTech Unwrapped, Ned engages in a conversation with Mohit Tater, the Founder & CEO of BlackBook Investments. Tune in to delve into their discussion about the potential investments within the realm of digital assets, and gain insights into the intricacies of managing multiple online businesses.

As someone who values personal freedoms and embraces the entrepreneur lifestyle, Mohit underscores the significance of prioritizing profits over scalability, stressing that scaling loses its allure if unattainable; his guiding principle centers on maintaining a cashflow-positive business, as exemplified by his own venture, Black Book Investments. In a distinctive market niche, Mohit’s company specializes in presenting websites and online businesses as investments, with a focus on consistent ROI rather than extravagant gains. This unique approach sets his company apart, catering to clients seeking established businesses with stable cash flow for reliable returns, while providing investors with a favorable ROI.

In the realm of business management, Mohit contends that bootstrapped enterprises hold substantial value, often overshadowed by glamorized startups that frequently fail to deliver; he illustrates that achieving comparable sale prices would demand tenfold effort from startups compared to typical bootstrapped ventures.

Meet Our Guest Speaker

Mohit Tater

BlackBook Investments

Mohit Tater is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and consultant. He founded BlackBook Investments and quickly became a recognized expert investor in online businesses and digital assets. In the past 5 years, using the skills and strategies he's been optimizing, Mohit has created hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash flow and profits after making online investments in eCommerce, advertising, and affiliate as well as service-based businesses. Mohit has extensive experience in SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, and conversion rate optimization. He has worked closely with brands such as eBay, Groupon, Microsoft, Nokia, and many more on their digital marketing strategies. Today, Mohit lives his passion as an investor growing online businesses for himself and his clients. As a client and successful entrepreneur, Jurgen Engelbosch says, “Mohit has a wealth of experience in evaluating investment opportunities, running multiple web businesses and eventually selling them, covering all key things that comprise a typical digital asset life cycle. He’s amazing!” This epic guest speaker is eager to talk to entrepreneurs, brick-and-mortar business owners, investors, and anyone interested in acquiring digital assets intelligently. He can't wait to get on your show!

Mohit Tater_ Founder & CEO _ BlackBook Investments

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