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95. Moving to the New World of Personalized Investing With Christian Kronseder

95. Moving to the New World of Personalized Investing With Christian Kronseder

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Key takeaways

1) Thematic investing, known as mega trends, will continue as financial institutions adopt them to provide individualized investment solutions, meeting the demand of younger generations for a mobile and digital personalized experience.

2) Fractional shares offer accessibility to retail investors who can own part of an expensive share, allowing them to diversify their portfolio or pursue their investment strategies.

3) Building a business involves persistence and the essential need for a contingency plan at all times.

In this episode of WealthTech Unwrapped, Ned engages in a captivating discussion with Christian Kronseder, Founder and CEO of ALLINDEX, a company that specializes in crafting custom indexes and thematic portfolio constructions. Tune in as they explore entrepreneurship, the evolution of personalized investment platforms, and reflections on trends in the financial industry.

Drawing his expertise in AI from his previous career and guest lecturing, he highlights the importance of transparency in the use of AI-powered tools. This philosophy is incorporated into his business. Instead of creating AI-optimized portfolios, AI is used to support research into building portfolios, thereby reinforcing credibility via source authentication.

The discussion moves on to what can be done for people who struggle with wealth. What can be done to make investing accessible for all? Christian believes that from a technological and financial engineering standpoint, solutions exist. The challenge is how companies bridge these solutions and connect with millions of potential retail users. There is a massive opportunity in Asia markets to serve mass retail customers. While fractional share investing is part of the answer, it’s not the complete solution.

Transitioning to their roles as founders, they discuss the emotional rollercoaster of entrepreneurship. Christian stresses persistence and preparedness with a Plan B. They emphasize the significance of visionary business outlooks and Christian’s desire to catalyze positive change in investment practices over the next five years.

Meet Our Guest Speaker

Prof. Dr. Christian Kronseder


Prof. Dr. Christian Kronseder is the current CEO and Founder of ALLINDEX. He is a specialist in quantitative finance and for building client focused platforms in equity derivatives, indexing and trading strategies. He successfully built the structured product platform for The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). He was formerly COO of STOXX. Christian is also a guest professor for data science in life sciences at the life sciences department of the University of Applied Sciences North West in Switzerland. Through his leadership, he aims to harness the potential of artificial intelligence to revolutionize how investment strategies are crafted.

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