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96. Driving Innovation Across Borders in Banking and Beyond with Steve Monaghan

96. Driving Innovation Across Borders in Banking and Beyond with Steve Monaghan

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Key takeaways

1) Alignment is not the same as agreement. Alignment allows everyone to move together with a shared commitment to create value.

2) Idle money is dead money. The only time money is valuable is when it is in motion.

3) Banks often fail to optimize risk effectively, overlooking its potential as a strategic lever for growth and value creation

On this episode of WealthTech Unwrapped, join Ned as he engages in a dynamic conversation with Steve Monaghan, an influential figure renowned for his groundbreaking work in shaping innovative business paradigms for both established institutions and dynamic startups.

Drawing from his extensive experience advising top companies, Steve highlights how businesses often overlook capital optimization as a competitive tool for improving bank performance. He emphasizes the need to focus on the velocity of money beyond just pricing and products.

The conversation then addresses the challenges of fostering innovation in banks, noting the fears of risk and regulatory constraints in the banking sector. Steve delves into the significance of product ownership and cultivating a culture of continuous learning, enabling banks to better utilize technology and redefine how we can embrace innovation within the industry.

Meet Our Guest Speaker

Steve Monaghan

Investor | Board Member | General Partner

Steve Monaghan is General Partner at FinMirai, a Board Member of Rakbank (UAE’s leading SME Bank), a board member at Pulse Global, a Limited Partner and investment committee member in True Global Ventures, and a private investor in Deeptech, Healthtech, and Fintech. Originally a commercial pilot, Steve has worked for leading corporations and financial institutions including Dell, Compaq, Citigroup, OCBC, Shinsei, DBS Bank and AIA. Steve is a frequent presenter, author, and lecturer around the world on subjects including innovation, banking, insurance, working capital, M&A, artificial intelligence, and investing.

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