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97. An Honest Discussion on the Past, Present and Future of Crypto with Kanny Lee and Anson Zeall

97. An Honest Discussion on the Past, Present and Future of Crypto with Kanny Lee and Anson Zeall

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Key takeaways

1) The cryptocurrency industry has matured significantly since its early days, with more regulations and professional players involved. While still volatile, there is a growing recognition of its importance, and continuous innovation is poised to introduce new, compelling applications that could enhance its adoption.

2) Mainstream adoption of blockchain-based applications may still be years away as challenges around ease of use and education remain. However, use cases driven by financial inclusion and DeFi could see earlier traction.

In this episode of the WealthTech Unwrapped podcast, host Ned Phillips sits down with industry veterans Kanny Lee and Anson Zeall for an in-depth conversation on cryptocurrency and blockchain.

They reflect on the wild early days of the space and discuss how far it has come, with more structure and regulation. They also tackle ongoing concerns, engaging in discussions about the different digital currencies’ adoption rates, their application, and growing appeal to governments and regulators worldwide.

Tapping into their decades of combined experience, Kanny and Anson cut through the jargon to explain key concepts in approachable terms. They shared visions for how technologies may evolve and addressed both concerns and potential applications.

Meet Our Guest Speaker

Anson Zeall and Kanny Lee


Kanny Lee, the Group CEO brings over 18 years of financial services expertise to lead the company's global expansion and mission to revolutionize digital payments with blockchain technology. His impressive career includes leadership roles at OSL, an institutional digital asset brokerage and Hong Kong's BC Group. Anson Zeall, serving as Head of Compliance, MLRO has a rich background as the former Chairman of ACCESS, Singapore's Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry Association, and as a CATF Founding Executive Committee Member. Anson also co-founded CoinPip, a blockchain-based money transfer service. Both Kanny and Anson are thought leaders actively contributing to the Web3, blockchain and crypto industry.

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