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98. Exploring Resilience and Success in Fintech with Alex Medana

98. Exploring Resilience and Success in Fintech with Alex Medana

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Key takeaways

1) Founders should have a clear understanding of their strengths and weaknesses to assemble a well-rounded team. Surrounding oneself with individuals who can complement their skills and address their weaknesses is crucial.

2) Maintaining balance during the unpredictable startup journey is crucial, and having a passion is key to achieving it. Engaging in activities like martial arts and running serves as a valuable outlet for stress and helps founders stay grounded during challenging times.

3) True success is about the freedom to pursue your interests and make a lasting, positive impact, going beyond the confines of mere wealth or status.

On this episode of WealthTech Unwrapped, Ned speaks with Alex Medana, a pioneer in the world of Fintech. Together, they explore the challenges and rewards of being an entrepreneur in FinTech, emphasizing the importance of passion, self-discovery, and resilience.

Alex reflects on his professional history and how he started to take interest in blockchain’s transformative potential. Alex highlights the need for user-centric solutions and discusses the role of blockchain in shaping the future.

The conversation transitions into a candid reflection on the entrepreneurial journeys of Ned and Alex. Both distinguished by their extensive corporate backgrounds, they eventually embarked on their entrepreneurial quests. Alex underscores the significance of passion and mindfulness for founders, revealing how his practice of martial arts has been instrumental in maintaining balance.

Beyond the material realm, Alex perceives success as the ability to make life-defining choices, emphasizing the liberating power of saying “no.” He emphasizes the satisfaction of creating something to be proud of, with the potential for a lasting, positive impact.

Meet Our Guest Speaker

Alex Medana

Fintech Repeat Entrepreneur, Mentoring for 15+ years

Alex is renowned as the former CEO and co-founder of FinFabrik and a founding board member of Hong Kong Fintech Association. Previously, he spent over a decade in various Tier 1 global financial institutions, overseeing operations across diverse asset classes, client segments and business lines in Europe and APAC. Alex also served as a HK Fintech Association board member where he advocates innovation and education. His knowledge and drive for simplicity has made him a sought-after mentor, advisor and speaker.

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