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99. A Strategic Approach to WealthTech with Manish Prasad

99. A Strategic Approach to WealthTech with Manish Prasad

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Key takeaways

1) Defining problems from the customer’s perspective is key to developing solutions that achieve product-market fit.

2) When facing significant challenges, the decision to build, buy, or partner depends on factors such as risk, cost, and the opportunity to learn from others. Partnerships often provide an effective balance between risk management and potential success.

3) The wealth management landscape is evolving as digital technologies and AI automate financial processes in the background. This transformation has the potential to reshape client experiences and the industry itself.

In this exciting episode of WealthTech Unwrapped, Ned engages in a captivating conversation with wealth management expert Manish Prasad, whose rich journey spans the worlds of startups, corporate giants, and the dynamic landscape in between.

The discussion kicks off by recognizing the transformative power of wealth-tech. It’s not just about automated solutions; it’s about how technology complements the expertise of human advisors. Manish offers key learnings around defining problems from the customer perspective, a strategy he emphasizes is crucial for product-market fit. Furthermore, he emphasizes the significance of honesty in client relationships, enabling potential partners to offer more meaningful assistance.

Looking toward the future, Manish paints a three-tiered vision of wealth-tech. With technology as the catalyst, the future of wealth management holds the promise of accessibility, efficiency, and social impact. It’s not just about managing wealth; it’s about democratizing access to impactful wealth management for everyone.

Meet Our Guest Speaker

Manish Prasad

Wealth Management and Fintech expert

Manish Prasad is a seasoned executive in the wealthtech industry, boasting over a decade of experience in financial services. Previously, he served as the Head of Asset Management APAC at Saxo Bank, where he successfully led the launch of SaxoWealthCare, a digital wealth advisor, in both Singapore and Hong Kong.Before joining Saxo Bank, Manish held the position of CEO at Ignition Advice, a fintech company. Additionally, he served as a Director of Wealth and Asset Management at KPMG where he led national business development and service delivery to the wealth management sector.

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