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The Way

34. The Way

2 mins read

I have a friend. He is awesome. He’s not well. But he’s awesome.

He could complain. “It’s not fair”, “ Why me?”

But he doesn’t. Just gets on with it. Makes jokes. Pretty inspirational.

Whenever start-up life gets hard. His way is the way.

Get on with it. Have a good attitude. No better way.


Why is this relevant?

When you build wealthtech. It’s hard. Not really hard. But hard.

And we know a lot about wealth and technology.

So we can figure it out.

Now. Imagine. You run a financial institution.

You might know wealth. You might know tech.

But you don’t know wealthtech. It’s different.

And that’s the thing. It’s not wealth. It’s not tech. It’s wealthtech.

It’s a customer first. Tech second. Product third, thing.

Your thinking has to change completely.

It’s not about selling more products.

It’s about helping your customers achieve their dreams and goals.

And then they will buy more without thinking.

Otherwise, your customers will leave.

They want. Simple. Trusted. Easy. Now.


So how do you figure it out?

You decide to build it yourself. Spend a few years. It might work.

Probably won’t. Now you are stuck.

Your choice. You can complain. Or you can get on with it.

Make a different choice.

We spent a few years trying to figure it out. Now 7 years.

Not long really.

What we have is.

Simple. Trusted. Easy. Now.

And you can have it.


That’s wealthtech. It’s complex. Or not.

And just like my friend, you can choose.

Complain. Or get on with it.



Ned Phillips
Founder & CEO










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