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BlockBank Will Launch DeFi Application, With AI-Powered Robo Advisor – Wealth Tech Digest #73

Key takeaways

✅ BlockBank Will Launch Its DeFi Application, Where Users Can Interact With An AI-Powered Robo Advisor

For today’s digest, BlockBank is officially launching its all-encompassing financial application in Q4 of 2021. BlockBank is the platform disrupting mobile banking by blending it with decentralized finance (DeFi) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, This is all because the company is on a mission to grow worldwide accessibility to DeFi and build users’ financial empowerment. BlockBank’s new mobile and online app will combine the best of the traditional finance and DeFi worlds in a secure, private, and user-friendly space. Two major developments on the BlockBank app are the Robo Advisor, a cutting-edge AI-powered resource for individuals as they enter the crypto market. This is on top of a revamped tiered staking rewards system that enables users to earn up to 20% APY. BlockBank aims to ensure that everyone has the tools and resources to confidently enter the exciting crypto market without feeling held back by barriers. And now, with the launch of its application, BlockBank’s AI Robo Advisor will serve as a guide for users of all levels. Starting as an educational resource, the advisor unlocks the ability for a tailored experience on the BlockBank platform as its technology learns and grows. Over time, it will learn individual habits and risk profiles, and process countless data sets into actionable insights. Looking ahead, BlockBank’s AI technology will fill a fully-fledged advisory role that will enact user-approved automated order management and execution. It will also be capable of portfolio creation and management, and more.

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