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Endowus Launches 6 Satellite Portfolios With Leading Global Fund Managers – Wealth Tech Digest #86

Key takeaways

Endowus launches six new Satellite Portfolios in partnership with leading global fund managers.

A bit of regional news for today’s digest — Endowus has launched Singapore’s first satellite portfolios with institutional funds and 100% trailer fee rebates. The professionally designed and curated portfolios allow Retail and Accredited investors to add Satellite positions in the Endowus digital wealth app. This comes with the goal of providing diversified sources of alpha for Endowus app users in addition to its top-performing Core Flagship and ESG portfolios. The six portfolios are Technology, Global Real Estate, Megatrends, China Equities, China Fixed Income, and Low-Volatility Fixed Income. These were prioritized in response to strong customer demand for optimized exposure to these select market opportunities, more will be coming soon. Each of these portfolios has gone through a rigorous quantitative and qualitative selection and portfolio optimization process by the Endowus Investment Office. The team’s institutional screening process has identified best-in-class funds to build diversified portfolios most suitable for Singapore-based investors. Many of these funds were previously not available in Singapore but were launched with Endowus to build these sophisticated Satellite portfolios. 

The Endowus Satellite Portfolios will feature funds managed by many award-winning world-class managers such as AllianceBernstein, Allianz, BlackRock, and others. Cost remains the single most important determinant of future returns, so being cost-efficient is a key factor in bringing successful outcomes to these portfolios. Endowus’ industry-first and ongoing commitment to 100% trailer fee rebates and no sales fees continue with these Satellite portfolios. This transparent cost structure, along with accessing much lower fund-level fees, culminates in an estimated 67% in cost savings for Endowus clients. This commitment also ensures that Endowus’ selection of funds is based solely on their track record, experience, and ability to deliver on performance.

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