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Skience Launches SkienceONE Wealth Management Platform – Wealth Tech Digest #31

Key takeaways

✅ Skience Launches SkienceONE Wealth Management Platform

For our first digest, we take a look at a new wealth management platform being launched by Skeince. Skience is known as one of the leaders in cloud wealth management and digital enablement solutions and consulting. Recently, it announced that it will be launching a standalone wealth management platform called SkienceONE. Unsurprisingly, the platform is targeted for growth-oriented wealth management firms. The exciting news is that the platform will offer award-winning features of the Skience platform. These services include client onboarding, advisor transitions, data consolidation, and account-servicing among other things.

Marc Butler, COO and President of Skience, believes that the ability to have a single operating platform is crucial to enabling true digital transformation for wealth management firms. When fully operational, the platform will be an ideal fit for broker-dealers and RIAs of all business models. This platform is just part of Skience’s commitment to deliver innovative and cloud-enabled digital strategies and solutions.

✅ THE TIFIN GROUP Launches New Fintech Platform To Reshape Financial Media

Our next news covers how a new fintech platform aims to reshape financial media as we know it. The TIFIN Group is best known as a fintech platform with over ten active operating companies in wealth management. Recently, the group announced the launch of Financial When fully operational, it will be a new type of fintech platform which aims to transform financial media. To that end, it will incorporate the addition of data science and actionable fintech tools. The news of the launch came after the firm’s acquisition of The Adam Mesh Trading Group.

After the acquisition, Adam Mesh will continue to lead AMTG and will also join as a partner at Ian Rosen is a TIFIN Group partner and financial media veteran which leads According to him, the platform will take the various capabilities at TIFIN to millions of investors and savers. In the coming years, seeks to bring value not only to investors, but also to financial media publishers.

✅ FTRC Launches Tech Information Hub For Advisers

For our final digest, FTRC comes up with a dedicated information hub for advisers, If things go as planned, the platform will be available starting May 26. The platform will have six specialist practice areas accessible for free to financial advisers. These areas include wealth practice management systems, mortgage practice management systems, and client portals. Additionally, personal financial management, risk profiling and financial planning, cash flow modelling and retirement planning will be featured. Ian McKenna, the founder of the FTRC, made comments about the rationale for creating such a platform.

According to him, this is an effort to consolidate all of the adviser technologies that are available to different advisers. Moreover, he added that their mission is to help advisers by giving them a single point to understand more about all the players available, not just popular ones. When the platform rolls out, 12 specialist practice areas are to be included. In July, the site will launch access to several key features such as portfolio analysis and rebalancing. After that, the rest of the features such as wealth management and regtech systems will roll out starting September.

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