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StashAway Launches In Thailand To Make Overseas Investment Easy – Wealth Tech Digest #56

Key takeaways

✅ StashAway Launches In Thailand To Make Overseas Investment Easy

We explore, in our first digest, how the largest digital wealth manager in Singapore seeks to make overseas investment easier with a new launch. StashAway is an easy-to-use digital wealth management platform that provides global diversification. It does this through high-quality, low-cost ETFs, and it will now be available to Thailand residents. With this new platform, it will be simpler for anyone to invest and build long-term wealth all through a mobile app. Even now, the platform has attracted clients from more than 160 countries and has generated strong returns through several market corrections. It seems that the appeal of the platform stems from its intelligent investing framework and sleek, easy-to-use mobile app. Tim Niranvichaiya, StashAway’s asset management managing director in Thailand, looks forward to enabling people in Thailand to invest overseas. In addition to that, Freddy Lim, the co-founder, and Group CIO mentions that StashAway saves their clients time and effort from having to research and manage their investments. StashAway was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Singapore, with operating licenses in Malaysia, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Thailand. Already, the company manages more than $1 billion USD in assets and is backed by leading venture capital firms.

✅ Half-human, Half-machine: The Advantages Of A Hybrid Wealth Management Model

For our next digest, with financial advice being encroached by AI tools and robo-advisories, is hybrid the way forward in the age of the robots? Afterall, today’s financial services clients want it all: personalization, low fees, and better returns.  So how can wealth managers meet these new investor demands? Interestingly, a rapid shift in regional consumer preferences points to combining the best of both worlds. This means they want the lost cost and accessibility of algorithm-driven investment advice with human advisor’s expertise in handling more complex investing scenarios. This presents a golden opportunity for wealth managers as the Covid-19 pandemic has caused the industry to go through a rapid digital transformation. This means that clients are now accustomed to digital-first, making the transition to a hybrid model more acceptable and easily adaptable. Digital financial advisory platforms also have the opportunity to fill the gap left by a great number of current investors being unable to fulfill the necessary qualifications for traditional wealth management services. Nowadays, wealth managers need to consider their changing client base, a set of tech-savvy wealthy millennials, who place time and cost efficiency at the core of their demands. Being able to shift along with this change in demographic in the industry will be a key recipe to success over the years to come. It is safe to say that the stigma that surrounds digital wealth management services is slowly, but surely, changing.

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