Episode 10: What’s Next for Bambu?

The world of digital WealthTech is only getting started and we can’t wait to show you what we have in store. From new products to new tech, and a whole lot of passion for helping people have a better financial future.

Episode 09: Bambu Around the World

You can’t be a global company without having a global presence. Meet Bambu representatives from five different regions as they talk about market challenges and opportunities for Bambu.

Episode 08: Testing 1, 2, 3

What’s one of the most important things about a robo advisory? Having it work properly! Meet our Quality Assurance lead who makes sure every aspect of the apps works how it should. We also get insight into how our support system has grown and how we’re able to provide assistance to clients around the globe.

Episode 07: Building Robos

It’s time to put the tech in fin-tech. Meet two of our talented engineers who develop the magic behind the app, aka the code. They share how our process has evolved, how we build today, and what they’re looking forward to in the future.

Episode 06: Robo Planning

The project management team explains how we manage several product offerings and clients all over the world.

Episode 05: Designing the Perfect App

What goes behind designing a beautiful app? How do you balance what the client wants with creating a seamless user experience? Our UX/UI experts answer these questions and share the strategies that have been producing effective results for Bambu.

Episode 04: Landing Clients

The Sales team from two different regions walks us through the process perspectives that clients can expect at Bambu.

Episode 03: The Bambu Brand

Bambu’s marketing team shares the strategies Bambu have been using to become a recognized global brand within the WealthTech industry.

Episode 02: Foundation Building

Funding is a challenge all startups will face. Violy and Mellisa give us insight into Bambu’s funding rounds and share what makes a suitable investor.

Episode 01: My name is Bambu

Ever wonder how Bambu got started? Meet our founders, Ned Phillips and Aki Ranin, as they walk you through what led them to start a B2B WealthTech company and how they went about it.