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WealthTech A-Z

29. WealthTech A-Z

3 mins read

A – is for API. You don’t know what API stands for? Don’t worry, most people don’t either.

B – is for Bambu. You know it.

C – is for Crypto. Jokes.

D – is for Doing it twice. That is what will happen if you do it on the cheap.

E – is for Elephant in the Room. No, I do not have a magic robot.

F – is for Full Stack. The tech stack you didn’t know you needed.

G – if for Goals. It’s not about the funds. It’s about your customers achieving their goals.

H – is for Happy. Best job ever.

I – is for integration. The most essential part of any robo.

J – is for Jelly. It’s my favorite dessert.

K – is for KPI. It’s like an API but slightly different.

L – is for Love. We love all our clients 🙂

M – is for Marketing. Build it and they won’t come unless you market it.

N – is for night and day. The difference between a good and bad project.

O – is for Onboarding. Making it easy. Or no clients.

P – is for People. It’s always about the people.

Q – is for… Couldn’t think.

R – is for Robo. You know the magic one that makes money, that people say they have….

S – is for Shout out to all Startup WealthTech Founders.

T – is for Tech. No tech, no WealthTech.

U – is for Umbrella. For a rainy day. Like financial planning 🙂 see what I did there.

V – is for VC. Can you do it without them? Don’t answer.

W – is for WealthTech Unwrapped. The only pod on WealthTech.

X – is for X-ray. Because that’s the only word that starts with X.

Y – is for Yesterday. The day every client wants their project delivered.

Z – is for Zoo. Sometimes it feels like a Zoo here. But a good one.


Ned Phillips
Founder & CEO










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