Portfolio Builder is an interactive tool that provides the necessary insights and analysis to assist licensed institutions.

Do away with manual calculations and spreadsheets

Portfolio Builder is designed to help users make informed decisions when comparing and analyzing portfolios and investment products. Increase time management and enhance your client’s overall experience and understanding. The interactive interface allows users to better explain diversification through easy to read visuals.

Also, the tool provides necessary insight and analysis to:

1) assigned portfolio to the right risk band

2) create optimal portfolios along the Efficient Frontier.

The tool is based on the Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) and Hierarchical Clustering.

All-in-one investment portfolio builder to grow your profile

Retrieve price data

Plot Efficient Frontier and compare efficiency loss

View recommendations based on target return

Backtest with different rebalancing strategies

Platform demonstration




How does Portfolio Builder work?

For more flexibility in customizing your potfolio, check out the advance mode

Watch Advanced Mode here

Suitable for these industries

Chief Investment Officers

Fund Managers

Investment Advisors

Investment Analysts

Improve efficiency and save time

Bambu’s investment portfolio builder empowers businesses, independent advisors and investors with systems that streamline key processes and maximise efficiency. Our products achieve this while complementing your overall wealth management goals, so why wait?

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