So Why Do You Need a Robo?

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  • Why do you need Robo?
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Robo 101

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Robo-Advisory

First, What Is
a Robo-Advisor? 🤔

Robo-advisors are automated smart platforms that are built from the experiences of human financial advisors. With this pool of knowledge to draw from, robo-advisors deliver the best algorithm-driven financial solutions with lightning speed.

Digital Is the 
New Black

Wealth has gone digital. If you don’t have the necessary skill set to grow your money, you’ll be left in the dust. Instead of taking years and spending more money to reach your goal, Bambu’s robo-advisors can get you to your destination with alacrity and at a fraction of the cost.

Retain Your

Don’t lose your customers to that cooler, third-party company that offers wealth management to advice-hungry Millennials, uses captured data to mine, creates insights for a better service or to lure in adventurous Boomers, and adds “bro” before every sentence.

Create A Better

Real life is hard enough without the extra complications, the slowness, and never getting tickets to Hamilton. That’s why going digital gives your clients an instant and transparent self-serve platform.


The laws of equivalent exchange states that “a trade gained must have an equal value to what the person trades with.” But we have that Konami cheat code to let your business handle more clients without increasing headcount and get into the new market segments profitably.

Now, what will you get when purchasing a robo from us?

Our Trademark

We provide end-to-end services in 5 simple steps by leveraging our core product suite and customizing it to tailor solutions to your requirements.


First, Tell Us About Your Financial Institution


Then, Find Out Which Product Suits You Best


Afterward, Equip Your Robo with Design and Technical Strategy


Apply Custom Development and Integrations Along With the Bambu Platform


And ... Launch!

With ongoing enhancements and customer success, plus 24/7 support and maintenance

What’s inside our robo?

Bambu’s Building Blocks of a Robo

What’s inside our robo?

Bambu’s Building Blocks of a Robo

Our platform and products are constantly evolving thanks to our findings and breakthroughs from our global implementations.

Where Does Bambu Stand
in the Entire Process?

Bambu is a configurable robo platform provider.
You choose and have full control over how you want to integrate a robo platform around the world.

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© 2021 Mangosteen BCC Pte Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

© 2021 Mangosteen BCC Pte Ltd.      All Rights Reserved.

Our Trademark Experience

So, Why Should You Choose Bambu’s Robo?


Your boss tells you to, and you need to go digital across your business

You don’t know where to begin

You’re tired of old-school methods, and you’ve seen the future

You’ve heard about robo-advisors, and you want to be on the bandwagon

We’ve already spent a lot of $$$ to understand how to do it