An exclusive sneak peek at the world's first drag-and-drop robo builder; launching 2021

Hey there! You’re probably here because you’re attending SFF 2020 on the 7-11 December.

We’re Bambu and we’re really excited to be exhibiting virtually this year.

We’ve been to the festival for the past 4 years, but this one feels extra special.

That’s because we’re giving attendees an exclusive sneak peek at something we’ve been working very hard to build:

The world’s first drag-and-drop robo advisor builder.

We’re launching this officially in 2021. But you’ll get to see it first, during the event.

Launch a robo advisor in just a few clicks


At Bambu, we help financial institutions like banks, asset managers, insurance agencies and digital brokerages, launch robo-advisory platforms to offer automated wealth management services to their clients.

Some of the leading global institutions that we have launched robos with include: HSBC, Franklin Templeton and Beanstox.

Now…we’re used to saying that we help our clients launch robos in as early as 2 months.

That’s because they use our current offering: a plug-and-play white label software solution.

But that’s about to change in 2021.

What takes 2 months or more to build and launch; will soon just take a few mouse clicks and drags.

What was only accessible by certain companies; will soon be accessible by individual financial advisors, all the way to the largest institutions in the world.

And it all begins with its first exclusive preview at SFF 2020.


Be among the first to see it


So — you can meet us at our virtual booth to get an exclusive sneak peek and learn more about Bambu. 

That’s totally fine.

But if you are interested in having a more in-depth conversation, you can reserve a 1-1 meeting with us ahead of time:


We’re also launching a special 4-part email series where we’ll be sending over key insights leading up to the event.

If you’re unsure about how launching a robo-advisory service can grow your business – this one’s for you.

If you subscribe to the mailing list, we promise no one will reach out to sell you anything.

Instead, we hope you can learn something new about the robo-advisory market. And, perhaps, a little about Bambu too: