We're the go-getters, game-changers and misfits

Hi there! We’re that team of self-motivated, driven leaders who are inspired to create and aren’t afraid to step outside our comfort zone.

A community where no one is above the law, where we are all held to the same standards and expectations and are always searching for talented, passionate individuals.

Working with some of the leading finance companies in the world, but we’re nothing without an amazing team to take on all these challenges.

So, the real question is, are you challenged to take on an adventure with us?

Weekly Rituals

Daily Morning Meditation

All-hands Monday meeting

Free Friday Lunch

Friday Beer & Games

This is our Company

We aren’t just employees, we’re also owners. We take ownership in our work and what we build. If we build value together, we win together!

There is nothing Corporate about what we do

You’ll find open desks that allow for great work collaborations with your teammates. We value the startup “feel” and believe in a flat organization, where everyone’s role is as important as the other.

Work-life balance does exist

Find the work-life balance you’ve always wanted. Our generous annual leave allows you to explore the world, or simply take a break.

Broken? Let’s fix it

We are always finding ways to do things better. If you have any suggestions, speak now or forever hold your peace.

Work hard, Play harder

We pride ourselves in our “non-work” related activities which include: weekly games, office parties, spontaneous competitions, and of course, our famous annual Bambu Olympics.

Become a Bambuion

A Bambuion is a curious individual who is hungry to solve and create, a team player but can also thrive independently. We’d like to think we’re awesome people who want to build awesome things.

We invest in our people

Stock options

Every employee receives stock options. We believe the company value is built from our hard work.

Never go hungry

We provide lunch every Friday, plus we have a pantry of food and drinks to keep you going throughout the day.

Flexible working hours

We trust you to do what needs to be done. Normal days are pretty chill, but sometimes it gets crazy. That’s #startuplife. So we’re gonna be flexible both ways!

Be valuable, upskill yourself

Our employees are our biggest assets, so investing in programs that upgrade their knowledge and skills are just as important.

Be part of the team!